Coaching in the Time of Covid-19 with Jessica Bahr

These can feel like desperate times, but seeking emotional, psychological and relationship help is not a desperate measure; it’s a prudent and timely decision to address so many issues that are either being brought on – or amplified by the global pandemic – or both! This crisis is having us make some radical changes in many aspects of our lives, very quickly: physically, financially, and relationally to name a few. And like so many challenges we face, our response to the adversity plays a major role in our experience and outcomes. That is to say we do have some choice in the matter.

If you are in need of emotional, mental or relational support during this COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. The fear, anxiety and relationship challenges that are being pushed up to the surface because of current circumstances can not only be successfully worked through and managed, they can also be an opportunity for growth and healing. In this time of physical distancing and home quarantine confinement, we can stay connected to ourselves and others, find ways to increase our well-being, and even mine the ‘nuggets of gold’ buried in this crisis.

I’m currently offering sessions on a sliding scale rate, starting at $20.

I look forward to connecting with you if you need this support. I encourage you to reach out soon as I expect my schedule will fill up quickly.

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