Relationship & Couples Coaching

Relationships are the most challenging and rewarding part of being human. Adding to the natural complexity of relationships is a cultural landscape that overvalues individualism and encourages transactional encounters, undermining our need for intimacy and connection. I am certified in the unique and effective Relational Life Therapy model (RLT founded by Terry Real). The high demands of modern life, digital distractions and a patriarchal hierarchy has people feeling even more disconnected and isolated than ever, leaving some relationships bereft of security, safety, connection, respect, mutuality and love. This current is strong, but we don’t have to get swept up in it, we have choice in the matter and must become advocates for ourselves, our partner and the relationship as a living, breathing ecosystem. When people talk about how hard relationships are, I like to say, “relationships aren’t rocket science, they’re behavioral science.” There are powerful tools available to improve our relationships. What we value translates to where we put our time, energy, resources and intentions. The question is, are you ready to make the shift?

Individual Coaching

There are so many reasons people seek coaching, from wanting to make small shifts to big transitions, and everything in between. Life challenges (career, relationships, loss, purpose, etc.) often serve to wake people up to new ways of seeing/being/doing, and the upheaval that usually accompanies growth and change can cause people to freeze, feel stuck, even paralyzed. They may know what they don't want, but need help identifying and creating what they do want. Many coaches and therapists are really good at identifying problems, and while that is important, coaching needs to go further and offer reality-based solutions. Let's explore these solutions in a safe and supportive space, where you will be compassionately challenged to let go of what is no longer serving you and open to new possibilities that will serve you in a bigger way.

Sexual Health Coaching

When it comes to sex, there is so much more than meets the eye. Sex is an extension of who we are, shared mutually with another person, and all too often, it is not well-integrated, is compartmentalized or just not present. We all know on some innate level, that our sexuality should complement and enrich our relationships, not be the source of pain, anxiety, distress or disconnect. Deeper fulfillment in your sex life goes beyond the bedroom, and coaching you in this area means helping you explore any conscious or unconscious issues negatively affecting your sex life, such as life stressors, physical or mental states, learned behaviors, past pains and traumas, body image issues, emotional disconnect, and cultural conditioning/socialization or anything else that is resulting in a sexual disconnect and/or dysfunction, and then helping you define and cultivate the sex life that you do want. Sexual connection and fulfillment is not only possible, but might be closer than you think!

Body Image Coaching

Resolving body image issues requires changing our relationship to our body. That means opening up about our dissatisfaction with our bodies, looking deeper into where the dissatisfaction comes from, and working on liking our bodies. We won’t usually care well for something we don’t like. The way we feel about our bodies has a lot to do with what we've learned and the cultural projections and expectations about how we’re supposed to look. Coaching can help free you from distorted cognitions about your body, and help loosen the grip of toxic messages you may have internalized through trauma, gender stereotypes, the culture, the media, comparative judgements, oppression and/or family of origin legacies. If you feel you have a preoccupation with, or are chronically or acutely dissatisfied with your body, it’s worth exploring, because you're worth it!

Purpose & Meaning ("Logos") Coaching

Logotherapy - logos being a Greek word for “meaning” - was developed by Psychotherapist, Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor and author of the famed book, "Man's Search For Meaning." Frankl developed Logotherapy because he believed that human beings are motivated by the search for meaning and life purpose. As a coach, I apply the same principles of logotherapy, helping clients explore meaning and life purpose, as well as reframing otherwise difficult, even tragic situations as something that can be leveraged and alchemized for a bigger purpose/picture. Frankl believed that a person's ultimate freedom is his or her ability to choose how to respond to any set of given circumstances, even the most painful ones. If you ever feel listless, purposeless, lost, or like you’re in the midst of an existential, stage-of-life, or identity dilemma, you may benefit from this type of coaching.

Distance Coaching

I offer distance/remote coaching using Zoom or Google Meet. While in-person coaching has its benefits, distance coaching opens up so many other opportunities. For some clients, it can be difficult to find the right coach in their area, or they might not want to make the drive and want to meet in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Because I am specialized in particular areas of coaching, I want to be available to people no matter where they live - it's hard enough to find the right therapeutic fit, geography should not be a barrier. Offering distance coaching can help people stay on schedule with their coaching since they are not bound by a single location. If you are interested in distance coaching and want to know more, contact me.