“Jessica has helped me more in the time we’ve been meeting than anyone I’ve come across so far in the mental health field!!! She truly does have such a special gift and I feel so fortunate to have found her!!”

~ VK

“Jessica and I have been meeting for just over one year now and what a blessing she has been to me. She’s educated about trauma, the many kinds of therapies to work through trauma, and has especially helped me regarding inner child work. One of the things about Jessica that has touched me the most deeply is her empathy for me; I can tell it’s genuine. She’s been a ray of hope in my life and has helped me realize that I can alchemize my trauma.”

~ MO

“Jessica has displayed the rare combination of making me feel loved and accepted while being able to challenge my false thinking and beliefs, which often lead me to undesirable situations and behavior.  She pursues continuous growth in her field and works to find related resources for you to explore your healing.  She clearly does this as a calling, not just as a job.  She will help guide you into how to walk through life’s brokenness while also experiencing the inner healing that you and I so desperately desire and deserve.”

~ Matthew, NY

“I struck gold finding Jessica. As a trained mental health counselor turned relationship coach, Jessica’s sessions combine the best aspects of therapy and coaching. She listens deeply, shows genuine empathy and care, she’s an incredibly thoughtful and articulate communicator, and she’s skilled in navigating the arc of a conversation. She knows when to allow space for expressing and exploring emotion, when to ask pointed questions to help me gain clarity and set intentions, and when to leverage insight to take action. 

I initially came to Jessica for support with a complicated relationship. But as our work’s evolved, I’m still with her 12+ months later because her accessible, down-to-earth style and broad range of expertise (from attachment theory, to trauma, the nervous system, feminism, spirituality, etc) have enabled her to meet me with whatever topic I bring to our sessions. I’m a big believer that we heal through safe connections with others, and I will be forever grateful that I’ve crossed paths with Jessica.” 

~ K.S.